‘Train Station’ interview with Daniel Montoya

It was a super ambitious project to take 40 directors from 25 countries and make a film. But about seven years ago, these brave souls took their cameras and shot many small films to make one big one. The film is Train Station, a production by CollabFeature.

Train Station can best be described like a motion picture version of a choose your own adventure book, except the filmmakers are the designated chooser. The result is a tapestry of multicultural journeys that are vastly different but have a common thread.

The film starts with one main character at a train station and then other characters are dropped in to advance the story. Yet, each director makes his or her own choice on where their version of the character is going. The protagonist ends up dancing transformations from male to female, different ages and nationalities.

Each film within a film is beautifully shot. There are breathtaking scenes from Africa to India and South America, weaving in different languages and landscapes. It’s the ultra in experimental filmmaking. Perhaps where it falls short is in the audience. The viewer has to be alert to not lose track of the story. It’s also a masterpiece as far as editing. It took about five years just to edit this piece.

I had the opportunity to talk to filmmaker Daniel Montoya, who shot the Dallas part of the the film. Montoya is originally from Columbia.

‘Train Station’ interview with Daniel Montoya

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