DIFF 2017: The Spearhead Effect


Times are mad. This is an era of fake and guerilla-style news. And The Spearhead Effect puts a mirror in front of the underbelly of journalism. The lines are blurry between what is ethical and what is necessary. Co-directors and co-writers Caleb Smith and Brandon Moore push the limits with the characters as they step outside the comfort of their walls.

Jake Stetson (Rane Jameson) is that journalist who exposes corruption in the police force using social media to further his cause. But of course there are consequences. The Spearhead Effect can be seen as just a thriller for our entertainment, but it does trigger questions about the new type of journalism that has sprung since the birth of Youtube, Twitter and Facebook. As a journalist, I find this film fascinating. It does a good job of exploring potential consequences of getting in too deep and making oneself part of the story.

The Spearhead Effect was screened at the Dallas International Film Festival. Here is an interview with Caleb Smith, Brandon Moore, producer Alex Golubiewski and Rane Jameson.


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