OCFF 2017: A Ghost Story


'A Ghost Story' written and directed by David Lowery - Photo Credit A24 casey affleck rooney mara dallas texas


A man dies and leaves his young wife to grieve. But what she doesn’t know is that he turned into a ghost and is anchored to the house where they lived and loved. It’s so difficult to describe this incredibly poetic film, because it’s more about the subtext than what is literally going on. This is how I can best describe Dallas director David Lowery’s latest masterpiece, A Ghost Story.

You must be warned, be in a state of readiness to watch this film. It is quiet. It is still. It unapologetically takes its time to unfold. The first 30 minutes after C (Casey Affleck) slips into his cotton-threaded skin are a little painful. Especially to those movie geeks coming off some overstimulated summer blockbuster film. We watch M (Rooney Mara) grieve like no other film has shown before. No spoilers, but you will look at your watch and wonder when she’s going to get back up and do something. But it’s beautiful and artistic. A bridge between living and being in the other realm.

A Ghost Story is something this part of the world is not used to…a film that uses the art of moving pictures to its advantage. It assumes you’re smart enough to understand what is going on and uses words when absolutely necessary. We have deep inherent knowledge that allows us to recognize movement without words. A Ghost Story is what it is and lets you be an authentic voyeur. It challenges you to think about time, science and the afterlife through the eye holes of character who is discovering all these things himself.

This is perhaps the first thought provoking film of 2017. I had the opportunity to interview Liz Franke who is one of the producers and actresses of A Ghost Story. She talked about filming in the Dallas area (actually Irving), working with top talent and the ‘ghost’ story itself.


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