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The Indie Films Spotlight shines on indie filmmaker M. Legend Brown (Mike) of Dallas this week. Mike is a self made filmmaker who has inspired the community with his heartfelt and spiritual stories. Did you know, he studied film for three years by reading anything movie related he could get his hands on in the local library? And later he went on to practical studies by going out in the world and doing it. Brown has made four films, Hiding in Plain Sight, Steps of Faith, A Man Called Jon and, recently, A Heart That Forgives.


Brown and his production company Poorchild Films are raising funds through for the next film, The Ticket. According to the site, The Ticket is is a coming of age story about a young want to be rapper named Brooklyn Houston who sells out to pursue her dream, but, she finds the harder she tries to follow her dream the more she struggles to maintain a normal life for her seven-year old-daughter, Hope.

She quickly finds her aspirations sidelined by her music producer “Dream.” Who refuses to work with her unless she sings a love song instead of rapping? To add fuel to the fire, her mother falls terminally ill and Brooklyn has choose between her music or care for her mother.

Brown includes a cost breakdown and where the funds will go. If you would like to support The Ticket, check out the page for additional information.


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